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St Peter & St Paul Edenbridge Parish Church

The Covenant between Edenbridge Churches

We, the ministers and congregations of the Parish Churches of St Peter and St. Paul (Edenbridge) and Holy Trinity (Crockham Hill); The Eden Church; St Lawrence’s Roman Catholic Church; St John’s United Reformed Church (Marsh Green); and The Grace Community Church confess our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour according to the Scriptures and acknowledge our calling to serve Him in the world.

We give thanks for all that we have in common, but we recognise that our divisions are a hindrance to that calling. We therefore repent of all that is sinful in our divisions.

Since we recognise in one another faith in the one Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed in Scripture, which the creeds of the ancient church and other historic confessions are intended to safeguard; And since we recognise one another as within the one Church of Jesus Christ, pledged to serve in his kingdom and sharing in the unity of the Spirit;

We therefore covenant together to make visible the unity of Christ’s people in our town, not yet knowing what form that unity may eventually take, but believing that by taking the steps to which we now commit ourselves we shall be led to a fuller understanding of that unity which is Christ’s will for all people.

And therefore we pledge ourselves:

to joint prayer and worship, not only for the unity of Christ’s people but such as will provide for each tradition the opportunity to learn and value the spiritual traditions of all the Churches for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ to:

 support each other in deepening and renewing our several traditions for the enrichment of the life of the Church and of the individual believer

 explore our Christian convictions and their practical application

 co-operate as Churches in ministry and pastoral care

 work as a team in caring for the community

 co-operate in Christian witness

 co-operate in Christian education and training to these ends.

In token of this covenant and pledge we commend each other to the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.